Size Guide

Food Snoods

Our snoods should be a snug fit around your dogs head so they stay on correctly. Please ensure you check the sizing carefully,  the most important measurements are circumference A and length.  If you have a particularly fluffy dog and are at the top end of a size, we recommend sizing up. If you would like a different size or are unsure which size to order, please send me a message with your dogs measurements via the contact us page.

Sizing (please see diagram as a reference) :

Extra Small -  Circumference A = 8.5" - 11"
               Circumference B = 10" - 12"
               Length C = 4.5"

Small -  Circumference A = 11"- 12.5"
         Circumference B = 12.5" - 14.5"
         Length C = 7"

Medium - Circumference A = 12.5"- 14.5" 
         Circumference B = 15" - 17"
         Length C = 7.5"

Large -  Circumference A = 14.5"- 17"
         Circumference B = 16" - 20"  
         Length C = 9"

Quilts and Blankets

Our quilts and blankets come in a variety of sizes to suit any size dog and are small and lightweight meaning they fold up small, perfect for when you go out for the day. If you would like a custom size to go on your dogs bed of a specific area they like to sleep, please feel free to contact me.

Extra Small - 40cm x 40cm

Small - 60cm x 60cm

Medium - 80cm x 80cm
- 80cm x 100cm

Large - 100cm x 100cm
- 100cm x 120cm