Welcome to LN Designs UK

Initially inspired by my dog Nelson (more formally known as @mr_nelson_cockerspaniel on Instagram), who despite generally being well behaved had a few areas where improvement was needed. Getting under our feet and begging whilst we’re eating are two areas we had to sort out and a specific training mat was the best way to go about it. Having always enjoyed craft and the satisfaction of making something myself, I decided a patchwork quilt was a good way to go. With a bit of training Nelson soon learnt that staying on the mat equaled treats! Turned out it’s so comfy it’s also his chosen place to snooze.

Since then we have started making other useful products such as the Poo bag pouches, Snoods and even things for us humans too.

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Eco Friendly

As a business it believe its important to minimize our impact on the environment so all our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. Each order is wrapped in recycled tissue paper and then either posted in an envelope or biodegradable postage bag.

We also aim cut down our waste so we make several products using remnants of fabric. Our collars, Lanyards and Keyrings are made from any strips of fabric we have left from making our Quilts and Blankets and our new reusable face cloths and wipes are made out of small pieces of fabric we have left that are too small for anything else. We are always looking for ways to cut down on waste, it means some of our products are limited in availability but then everything is high quality and totally unique.



Our handmade patchwork quilts are totally unique and perfect for spoiling your pets. Their lightweight quilted design make them super comfy and ideal for a number of uses including; travel blankets, bed toppers, training mats, to name a few.  Lovingly hand made from a variety of high quality cotton fabrics with a plush quilted interior, they provide a good mix of comfort and durability for those pets who deserve a little bit of luxury!


These are perfect for keeping those long ears clean and dry at meal times. I couldn’t find a snood that Nelson would find comfortable and a spaniel bowl wasn’t 100% effective so I ended up using an old t-shirt sleeve. Made of jersey, I thought the stretchy material would be great for snoods as it was soft. So I did some research, made a pattern and got sewing. Nelson has quite a collection now, but they are gently stretchy and soft which means he doesn’t mind wearing them.

Re-Usable Face Cloths and Wipes

I am trying to live as economically as I can, that means cutting back on single use plastics and reducing waste. It’s becoming a big issue as we begin to realise the impact the way we live has on our planet. Our new face cloths and make-up wipes are a great alternative to standard disposable cotton pads and baby wipes. Made from our fabric remnants which would otherwise get thrown away, they help us cut back on our waste as well as yours.

Our face cloths are backed with a soft cotton toweling so gently exfoliating and perfect for using with your favourite soap or face wash and come in a variety of sizes. The small are great for make up removal whilst the medium is a good size for face wash. Our large Cloths are more like a flannel and made using any left over squares from our quilts and they can be used for face wash or even for your body too. Our make-up wipes have a soft brushed cotton back and come in a small size making them ideal for removing eye make-up and toner.

All our Face cloths and wipes are super easy to wash and reuse, simply rinse and hang to dry so they are ready for the next day. When you need to wash them just put them in the washing machine. For easier washing why not get one of our drawstring bags which are also handy for storing them and for when you go away

Poo Bag Pouches

Making dog poo bags stylish! These trendy pouches are perfect for clipping onto you lead, belt loop or walking bag so you always have your poo bags to hand.


These stylish fabric lanyards are perfect for carrying your keys, poo bag pouch or whistle while on a walk or your ID badge at work. Made of 100% cotton, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear, with a swivel clasp so it always lays flat.

Custom Orders

Would you like a quilt made just for you? I can make bespoke quilts if you have a theme or colour combination you would like. They can also be made any size if you have specific bed you would like it to fit. If you are interested in a custom order just send me a message

I have also made other custom items from crochet hook and knitting needle holders to drawstring bags with pockets so if you have an idea of an item I would love to make it, just send me a message